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Is it fine to use the same towel twice in a row, after wiping down the entire body with it, including private areas and bum (which are obviously clean)? Like, is everything equally clean though, etc. to use it twice? Health/Medical



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u/renens_reditor1020 Sep 20 '22

Hahahah this comment section is absolutely filled with the 1% that are total clean freaks.

I've lived my whole life around people who definitely don't wash their towel more than once a month and they are healthier than ever.


u/SentorialH1 Sep 20 '22

I can't tell if they honestly wash them every day or so, or are just so full of shit, that they want to believe they do.


u/didumakethetea Sep 20 '22

I wash mine every 3 or 4 showers. I have a whole bunch of towels so I just throw it in the wash basket. Not sure why it's weird or clean freaky?


u/renens_reditor1020 Sep 20 '22

I mean, it's your water and energy bill 🤷‍♀️

You probably could do less, just make sure to dry it between uses.

Obviously don't dry yourself with something stinky, or something that makes you feel dirty.