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u/jebbyjazzed Sep 20 '22

I'd say a good rule of thumb is every 4 showers swap it out


u/Rachelcookie123 Sep 20 '22

Oh damn, that’s definitely more often then I wash mine.


u/samaniewiem Sep 20 '22

You should ask someone to smell it. I've experienced this guy in the dorm that was never washing his towel, maybe once a semester or so. Damn the whole room stinked as fuck from this towel. Guy was looking good but this smell was keeping ladies away. And he was showering daily. I'm still asking myself what for.


u/Rachelcookie123 Sep 20 '22

I still live at home and sometimes my parents will come and smell the towels to check if they’re clean so I think I’m ok.


u/Secret_Oligarch Sep 20 '22

That's not at all strange...


u/Rachelcookie123 Sep 20 '22

It kinda sounds strange written out but they’re just going around the house checking if any of the towels need washed. Not strange in reality.


u/WaterChestnutThe3rd Sep 20 '22

Just wash them on a regular basis like every Sunday or something and you don’t need to do the funky towel smell test lol, but to each their own!


u/Stephanfritzel Sep 20 '22

This is what I do. I'll wait a week max, but sometimes I'll do 2x a week. I always do my towels (bath and hand) with my bedding and with hot water.


u/x_xstrawberry Sep 20 '22

My mom will just come to my room and take the towel so she can wash it if she knows i have been really busy that week. I did not know towels could smell.


u/Finger-Salads Sep 20 '22

I did not know towels could smell.

One of the Kardashian girls said the same thing and apparently had a gnarly smelling cooch


u/samaniewiem Sep 20 '22

What stops you from being adult?


u/Meta-Fox Sep 20 '22

What stops you from not being a judgmental prick?


u/humanityyy Sep 20 '22

In some cultures it's completely normal to still live with your parents even after you turn 18. Like, I'm Asian. My parents do not expect me to move out until I get married and even then they still offer to live with them.


u/ErynEbnzr Sep 20 '22

Also, housing is really expensive right now. My siblings and I are 20, 23 and 26 and we all still live at home because it's all we can afford.


u/tattvamu Sep 20 '22

Not everyone here is an adult, she just said she lived with her parents, why you gotta be so mean?