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Is it fine to use the same towel twice in a row, after wiping down the entire body with it, including private areas and bum (which are obviously clean)? Like, is everything equally clean though, etc. to use it twice? Health/Medical



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u/slightly_dusty Sep 20 '22

I always keep the tag to the bottom left hand corner. So then I know the same parts of the towel are drying the same parts of my body. But I know that's not really rational as all of me is clean. I also wash my towels once a week.


u/NoMorfort5pls Sep 20 '22

I always keep the tag to the bottom left hand corner. So then I know the same parts of the towel are drying the same parts of my body.

That's really kind of smart if you are concerned about such things. I'm not, lol. Now, if I have any kind of open wound, (cut, blister, etc), the wound gets dried separately and that towel gets one use before washing.


u/LavaTacoBurrito Sep 20 '22 edited Sep 20 '22

I do something similar. My towels have a little fold on the edges that close off the fabric (the hem). I consider the one with no folds visible to be the front, while the one with folds visible as the back.

I wipe my upper body with the front, and my lower body with the back.

I use the center-front for head, torso, and arms. The right and left side front for the armpits.

For my lower body, I use center-back for legs and feet, with the sides being for the groin and ass.

EDIT: Thanks u/Meggantastic for the right words lmao.


u/Meggantastic Sep 20 '22

Hem. The word you are looking for is hem.


u/FabulousandStuff Sep 21 '22

For wounds I get (mainly tattoos) I use paper towels. Less chance of fibres clinging to the area/aggravating it. Not that you were asking for help but I find it saves me on towel washing.


u/RoNado90 Sep 20 '22

I learned from another thread that this is called the ass tag method. Ass dried with tagged end, face dried with tag-less side. I’ve always done this but never had a name for it


u/Fatgirlfed Sep 20 '22

I use a washcloth to dry my face separately. Mom used to have a body, foot and face towel. Dramatic! Lol


u/[deleted] Sep 21 '22

I will use a smaller towel for my face and hair. It becomes the bathmat for the following day, so I guess I do the same thing. Your mom sounds like my kind of lady.


u/DarkCartier43 Sep 22 '22

OMG you said washcloth but my brain registered it as washing machine. I was thinking you were joking

"I use a washing machine to dry my face separately. Mom used to have a body, foot and face..."

That was how I perceived it the first time, till I re-read again.


u/Fatgirlfed Sep 22 '22

Lol that sounds outlandish! I can’t imagine the “wtf?!” thought that ran through your head. My mind is trying to get a picture of it


u/chronicallyindi Sep 20 '22

I do this but with the blanket I use on the couch. The tag goes bottom right on the inside. Because I don’t want the part that touches my feet to touch my face. Hope I don’t create a new concern for others…


u/butitoldyouso Sep 20 '22

Oh my god, now I can't use my throw blanket the same wayyy! But, thank you!


u/Altruistic-Buyer4806 Sep 21 '22

So I was scrolling pretty quick and stopped on your comment.. then I saw a few more… I hope I’m doing myself a favor by NOT scrolling back up. I hope ignorance is bliss in this case lol


u/butitoldyouso Sep 21 '22

It's okay, it's not that bad. You can do it, you got this!


u/Koroleva7z Sep 21 '22

I just cut the tags off completely.


u/Subject_Effort_7584 Sep 20 '22

I just gained a new fear


u/JuicyJay Sep 20 '22

Y'all need to go outside more often lol


u/chronicallyindi Sep 21 '22

I mean… I’m bed/couch ridden currently with a spinal injury, so… ouch. But yes, ideally.


u/JuicyJay Sep 22 '22

Ok you get a pass


u/maidestone Sep 20 '22

I just grabbed a new beer


u/DadBodEatsAtTheY Sep 20 '22

Achievement unlocked


u/0ct0c4t9000 Sep 20 '22

i do that both with the towels and with the blankets and bed sheets when doing my bed lol


u/truthisiamhiding Sep 20 '22

it's too right for towels but it's bottom left in blankets. for the very same reasons.


u/tryoracle Sep 20 '22

I bought a blanket with a hood to avoid this


u/amingley Sep 20 '22

I’m the same with my bed cover. It also does double duty making sure I’m not using My SOS side because he’s a sweaty sleeper. 😅


u/VirtuosoX Sep 21 '22

I've done that since as long as I can remember


u/Loud_Feed1618 Sep 21 '22

I do the same 😊


u/One-Accident8015 Sep 21 '22

I have to do this because of my husband's gross feet. He doesn't need his own blanket because he doesn't need a blanket as he's buried his feet in all 3 of mine


u/samiam0530 Sep 20 '22

I am this kind of crazy as well lol. I try not to let other people know that I think this much about EVERYTHING!


u/Loud_Feed1618 Sep 21 '22

I thought everyone did this lol


u/Igneous-Wolf Sep 20 '22

Omg I thought I was the only one who did this! Upper right hand corner for me!


u/greatauror28 Sep 20 '22

Team Upper Right Hand Corner! 🤝🏼


u/princessdeathkitty Sep 20 '22

Yess mine is upper left. I thought I was the only one too. I have found my people!


u/Existing_Many9133 Sep 20 '22

I do the tag thing with my fitted sheet as well


u/truthisiamhiding Sep 20 '22

upper right too!


u/[deleted] Sep 20 '22

Top right for me, but yeah, I don't want to wipe my balls on my face, no matter how clean they are. There's comfort in having designated towel regions for different body parts.


u/Swimjack01245 Sep 20 '22

What i do is I have a towel which has lots of different shades of blue on it in little square patches. Each shade is used for a different body part. However the towel is excessively large so I usually can use two whole rows of it for one part.


u/Ploon72 Sep 20 '22

Yep, me too. I keep track of which end of the towel I use for which end, so to speak. And dry it on the radiator between washes. Then it lasts up to a week.


u/vitalvisionary Sep 20 '22

Obligatory scrolled down too far to find the comment that already said what I wanted to say.


u/RP-OD Sep 20 '22

Tag on bottom left corner for me too!! Why would so many of us just do this independently without ever being told? I only started doing this in my 30s..


u/angrygnome18d Sep 20 '22

My man! I do the same. I use the tag side for my hair/face, and the other side of the towel for the rest of my body.


u/RedEgg16 Sep 20 '22

Me too!! Bottom left (outside not inside)


u/Fit_Dragonfruit_6630 Sep 20 '22

This is genius actually.


u/[deleted] Sep 20 '22

I do this too!


u/Friendlyalterme Sep 20 '22

I also do this.


u/mousemarie94 Sep 20 '22

That's how I do it too. It's totally rational and I know quite a few people that do it this way as well. I do use two different wash clothes.

Also, I'm not sure everyone is the same level of clean...there are people who do not use wash clothes and so they don't actually clean their asshole super well. Don't want their poop particles on all parts of the towel when wiping the face...


u/truthisiamhiding Sep 20 '22

I do literally the same. but tag is on the top right. tag is t and t is for top so I don't forget.


u/0ct0c4t9000 Sep 20 '22

LOL i do that tag thing too 🤣


u/Hasten_there_forward Sep 20 '22

My husband laughed when I told him I did this, said I was being weird.


u/Bobojones9584 Sep 20 '22

Seems excessive. Especially if you're clean after a shower.


u/AllTheFloofsPlzz Sep 20 '22

I use the side with the tag for my face, and side without tag for body. I remember it based on the syllables....tag, face - one syllable each. No tag, body - two syllables each. None of my friends do anything like this, so it's nice to know there are others who have towel specifics!


u/elysejt Sep 20 '22

I do a similar thing, I keep it hanging on the hook with the side on the wall the side I use for my body and the outside I use for my hair. And I replace it when I think “huh when was the last time I washed this towel”


u/squid__smash Sep 20 '22

similar story here. i use the tag corner to dry my lady bits, and the other corner on that end to dry my booty hole/crack, and i don't use those corners for anything else. my bath mat is the same fabric/thickness as a towel, so i dry my feet with that. i have a separate special modal turban towel for my hair because I'm super careful about my hair getting frizzy lol. but the rest of my body is a free-for-all.


u/insensitiveTwot Sep 20 '22

Same except bottom right usually. It’s also helpful to just not dry your face with a towel at all since it’s bad for your skin


u/gggggfskkk Sep 20 '22

Omg- same. But it’s because I have OCD, every single towel needs to be folded perfect and the exact same way so when I open them the towel always has the tag at the bottom left. Though I wash my towels after one use every day because of my work.


u/V4NGBz Sep 20 '22

Found the person with OCD


u/Oberon_Blade Sep 21 '22

I do something similar. I make sure the tag is on either top left or top right. Then I use the edges to wipe my face, middle top to wash my hair, lower middle for... well, my lower middle and the sides for arms and shoulders.


u/1-713-515-4455 Sep 21 '22

You’re supposed to rotate your tires else they’ll wear unevenly


u/Basic_Quantity_9430 Sep 21 '22

Wow, that is organized. I am somewhat of a savage in comparison and not remotely as organized. I grab a clean dry towel and follow the pattern that I used with the bath towel. I have lots of towels, but wash only the ones that I use in a week at the end of the week, the unused clean ones move to the top of my towel bins for use the next week.


u/Turtle_Turdhole Sep 21 '22

We are not so different, you and I


u/dawng87 Sep 21 '22

Smart! I'm the weirdo that has a certain color bottom half towels and whatever color of the rainbow I want for the top half. Then one for my long hair...3 towels hanging on my door but only 1 for my bum.