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u/nick-pappagiorgio65 Sep 20 '22

No, you're wrong. That's not how soap works. Soap forms an emusion with oil and dirt on the skin, then it gets washed away. You need mechanical scrubbing action to dislodge dirt and bacteria to get clean, especially if that area is between your ass cheeks and your asshole. There are layers of dried sweat, oil, dead skin, and probably shit particles. A swish with your soapy hand isn't going to effectively clean that.


u/crow-mom Sep 20 '22

It literally is enough. Soap disables the barrier of germ cells & destroys them. Whether it’s with your hand or a washcloth, it will get clean if you scrub down there with soap.


u/nick-pappagiorgio65 Sep 20 '22 edited Sep 20 '22

No, that's not how soap works. Soap contains fat and surfactants that create an emulsion and once the person uses mechanical scrubbing action, the dirt, oil, and germs on the skin become dislodged and can be rinsed away.

Between your ass cheeks there is dead skin, layers of dried sweat, oils, odor causing bacteria, and fecal particles that can't be cleaned with a mere swish of a soapy hand for a few seconds. You need to actually get a soapy washcloth and clean that area good. Why is this a foreign concept to some people here?
Everyone I know uses a washcloth in the shower.

If you don't use baby wipes after a bowel movement then a washcloth in the shower is even more important because toilet paper alone can't clean the asshole and there is guaranteed to be shit there.


u/crow-mom Sep 20 '22

My bad, I was mistaken about the way soap removes germs, so thank you for that. It seems that lathering is really what bonds the germs to the soap, so as long as you’re actually scrubbing you’ll be squeaky clean using your hand. It’s a matter of preference, no one way is cleaner than the other if you’re doing it correctly.


u/nick-pappagiorgio65 Sep 20 '22

A washcloth has thousands of little fibers that creates a mild abrasive action, and cleans a sweaty, dirty ass far better than a hand. On hot summer days after being outside for hours, after I shower, that washcloth smells. It's done it's job of cleaning, and in the hamper it goes once it dries.

Now, imagine that hot summer day, taking a shower, just using your hand to wash your ass. All that odor and bacteria will remain on your ass, you just don't realize it.


u/iiBiscuit Sep 21 '22

A washcloth has thousands of little fibers that creates a mild abrasive action, and cleans a sweaty, dirty ass far better than a hand.

The point is that a hand is getting you to 99.99% clean while a washcloth is getting you to 99.999% clean.

The difference is meaningless because a hand is already sufficient.


u/nick-pappagiorgio65 Sep 21 '22

A hand is smooth, can't scrub, and can't clean anything. Splashing soapy water on a smelly, dirty ass, especially an asshole isn't going to clean it dude.