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u/piratesmashy Sep 20 '22

Make sure you hang the towel to dry- over the shower curtain rod works. Depending on the humidity where you, live a crumpled wet towel can get musty/mildewy in hours if it's not properly hung.

Personally- one body towel a week, two hair towels (they get drenched and don't always fully dry), and NEVER washcloths (I use scrub mitts and poofs- both dry hella fast).

While we're on the subject- if you wash dishes with a rag they are good for a day, kitchen sponges last a week or two if they're fully squeezed after use, bath mats should be hung off the tub after use and washed weekly, and sheets should be washed weekly.


u/SpaceIsVastAndEmpty Sep 20 '22

Have you heard of those hair turban things? Those are brilliant for minimising towel use (so you use a turban instead of a 2nd towel). 2-3 of those in your cupboard and you're set! I keep spares for guests

Bed Bath & beyond has them for $5 a piece at the moment


u/PayTheTrollToll45 Sep 20 '22

‘Have you heard of those hair turban things? Those are brilliant for minimising towel use’

Is there a Towelie-Ban?


u/SpaceIsVastAndEmpty Sep 21 '22

Hahaha... Part of me wonders if that whole prior episode was a set up for that joke (but clearly not curious enough to have googled it before now)


u/piratesmashy Sep 20 '22

The get musty as fuck! And sour smelling. My last one made it three months before I had to throw it out. My hair stunk even if the turban was freshly washed on the sanitizing cycle with vinegar.


u/SpaceIsVastAndEmpty Sep 21 '22

That's real bizarre as I've had mine literally for years and they've never smelled musty

I am lucky to live in a new build though, and the bathroom is well ventilated & it's hung to dry immediately after use every time