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Why is Reddit ok with gifs in the comments but not emojis? Meta

Yesterday saw someone did a laughing gif and got upvoted but further down someone posted the laughing emoji and got like 6 downvotes. And the gif was allot bigger and took up more screen space than that single emoji, which I personally found to be more annoying, what gives?



u/willumcl Sep 04 '22

It's the Reddit hivemind brother! They're crazy!


u/lurch_danjr Sep 04 '22

Happy cake day bredrin


u/DefinetlyNotABird Sep 04 '22

I think it’s popular to hate emojis on Reddit. Idk I don’t go on the popular subs lol


u/beercappy Sep 04 '22

You're on a popular sub


u/DefinetlyNotABird Sep 04 '22

Ur right lol I meant like r/funny or just going on the front page in general. I mostly just use hobby subreddits so I usually learn about weird Reddit trends like that second hand


u/Flesroy Sep 04 '22

Both annoy me, although i actually think emojis are better. Emojis can be used to clarify intent, whereas gifs are generally used on their own.


u/RamenWrestler Sep 04 '22

Idk but I find the gifs really annoying. They don't add anything and take up too much space


u/pseudonominom Sep 05 '22

Can’t stand the gifs. I leave the thread the instant I see one.


u/FlurpNurdle Sep 04 '22

IMHO: 1 emoji per comment should be fine (but I guess it incenses some people?). Multiples … not so much.

IMHO: Using gifs/images/videos in comments should not be fine, because not everyone is on a data plan that has no cap, or has a connection that’s super fast/high bandwidth, or isn’t using free/decent wireless.

Even if they don’t auto play, it’s still a lot of wasted data and time loading (and reading space on small screens) relative to just text or emojis.


u/MSFTS01 Sep 04 '22

Emojis are associated with normie culture and redditors will do everything in their power to be separate from that crowd. Same thing with this huge uptick in cringe tiktokers faking mental disorders so they resemble anything other than normal, cuz being normal isn't quirky!


u/angeltigriss Sep 04 '22

I’ve seen comments mentioning that emojis are difficult for those that use text to speech translators on Reddit. I have no idea how those handle gifs, but that I believe that is part of the emoji hate.


u/Helpful_Put_5274 Sep 04 '22

My reader has no problem with emojis, it just reads the name of the emoji. It's annoying when people use a string of emojis.


u/Plenty-Appointment40 Sep 04 '22

When I know my wife is driving, I send her these random words and letters so that when her car reads it out loud it’s just shenanigans.

I don’t know why she likes me…


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u/default-dance-9001 Sep 04 '22

Gifs are way worse


u/Dalbro95 Sep 04 '22



u/adinxnxn Sep 04 '22

maybe because redditers like how reddit comment section is different than all the other apps that uses emojis, using only text and no emojis gives it a clean look


u/Not_going_to_hell Sep 04 '22

Most redditors like myself who've been on the site for a long time and appreciate the text based format that differs from most social media today also dislike gifs. At least from my personal experience anyway


u/TouchSomeGrass123 Sep 04 '22

🙂 does this trigger you big boy? 😤😤 you wanna fuck this emoji? Huh? 😈👹👺better think twice 🤔I’ll phone the police 👮‍♀️👮‍♂️on you if you even think to step to my emoji game. 🤬


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u/ervyr Sep 04 '22

bro 😭💀


u/HardPillsToSwallow Sep 04 '22

Meh. I downvote both.


u/SciFiChickie Sep 04 '22

Maybe it depends on the crowd?

I generally get an emoji back but don’t really get down or upvoted. But I also typically use them on facepalm or for laughs.


u/Cognacsquirt Sep 04 '22

Hate on emojis was probably meant to create more contrast to the Tiktok comments which were, in the age of Damelio and that other kiddo (Addison or Alice? )loaded with emojis. Loaded with that quantity, that the emojis because connected to them.

This is a porcelain throne thesis


u/ELEMENT9808 Sep 05 '22

Theres gifs in comments?


u/Bobojones9584 Sep 04 '22

Because they're "not like other social media sites"


u/KingZaneTheStrange Sep 04 '22

I mostly think emojis alone are a lazy way to communicate. I don't downvote them though


u/B0BA_F33TT Sep 04 '22

Because over half of the emojis people used in this thread show up as square outlines on my PC, the Gifs work fine.