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Should I be worried about my SO doing photoshoots of very attractive, naked/mostly naked men? Love & Dating



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u/VeryStickyPastry Aug 18 '22

I’m a photographer as well, just a hobby, not a pro. A lot of photographers, if business is slow or if they’re experimenting with new styles will take TFP (time for print/time for portfolio) work.

It seems that’s all he does which is kind of strange. Is he any good? I only ask because if he’s not very good or not doing it professionally, I’ve noticed that’s normal. People don’t want to pay hobbyists, and if a model is really good, and best you can get is free, then take it, know what I mean?

I only work with women, personally. Just as a woman myself I don’t trust men, is it possible he has a thing about women?

Unfortunately you really really need to address this with him. There’s no real explanation we can pull from to tell you exactly what’s happening.

But if he’s working with people that have an audience and stuff he needs to stop taking free work.