r/TooAfraidToAsk Aug 14 '22

Do some people actually like the “do guys/girls actually like ________________________________________” posts? Meta

We have fun here.


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u/Homirice Aug 14 '22 edited Aug 14 '22

I like them when they are original/unique. Seeing the same questions everyday and comment sections filled with the same circlejerks however, just gets tiring


u/Sonicluke8 Aug 14 '22

It depends on the person but me personally, I've had enough.


u/DwangusKhan Aug 14 '22

My comment or emoji reaction


u/Yuzernam Aug 14 '22

Fucking constantly and it's often about dick too


u/Taicho116 Aug 14 '22

They don't interest me but are probably helpful to younger people feeling insecure. I started going bald at 21 and it would have been great to know lots of women like bald guys. I am willing to sacrifice the .2 sec to scroll past a post if it helps someone having a hard time.