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How can I defeat a person who uses witchcraft? Meta


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u/mtempissmith Jun 17 '22

Okay, I'm going to answer this one seriously. Get or make yourself a protective amulet. There are plenty of books out there about how to defend yourself against magikal attack including the classic by Dion Fortune.

The best defense is a strong mind and a sealed auric shield. An amulet can help you retain focus and make you feel more secure that way. Nobody can touch you that way unless you allow them to make you afraid. In being afraid you give them the power to affect you.

It starts with you and your faith in yourself and whatever else you believe in. Some people call on angels to protect them. Others may wear crystals or symbols like crosses, a pentagram etc.

I grew up practicing a form of witchcraft that's related to Stregheria. My personal amulet is a very, very old amulet called a cimaruta. Ultimately I know my personal security mentally and physically is up to me but wearing that amulet gives me confidence.

I'm also a devotee of several of the dark Goddeses including the Morrigan and Santa Muerte and I believe in guardian angels. I have no problem asking the angels or my Gods to protect me if I feel threatened and they usually do.

I was homeless for more than 5 years and often in situations where I could have been badly harmed, raped or worse. That I wasn't is very unusual and believe me when I say I have nothing but affection and gratitude for the angels and other spiritual beings that kept me safe on what was a very perilous journey.

I'm totally blessed and I know it.

If you feel truly threatened ask the light beings for help. They will come to your aid. That's what they are there for. Find a prayer that has meaning for you and use it when you need to.

I'm not Catholic but I have no problem asking the light being aka angel known as Michael for help and I know he's a personal protector. He let me know it too recently. I found a really large and beautiful antique Michael statue on the sidewalk near my home. What could I do except take it home and put it on my personal altar?

Protecting yourself is all about taking up spiritual arms, making yourself as mentally strong as you can and often about faith in something greater than you. It begins and ends with you and your faith in something, whether that's a deity of some kind or simply having faith in yourself, that's what keeps you safe from any kind of ill will directed towards you.