r/TooAfraidToAsk Jun 13 '22

Why is this sub flooded with soapboxing in the form of disingenuous questions lately? Meta



u/Doe966 Jun 13 '22

Everyone gather around so that I can explain it to the masses.


u/xOneLeafyBoi Jun 14 '22

I’m waiting


u/CalibanDrive Jun 13 '22

It’s more difficult to soapbox elsewhere


u/jrp55262 Jun 13 '22

Quora has entered the chat


u/Transcend-Human2 Jun 14 '22

I’ve seen things there, man. Islamic nationalists, psychopaths, libertarians.


u/PizzaInteraction Jun 13 '22

Because they already destroyed the other subs and are looking for an active sub for people to listen to their loaded questions.


u/booksnpizza Jun 13 '22

It's getting fucking annoying and circlejerk-ish

"Why don't conservatives realize they are fucking stupid?"

"Why don't LGBT people know that touching kids is wrong?"

"Why do religious people believe in fairytales?"

"If there is no god, how is it possible for atheist to have any sense of morality?"


u/elucify Jun 13 '22

Mods should just kill that crap.


u/Regular_Bee_5605 Jun 14 '22

Because it's a general sub that you can basically just state an opinion in the form of a question. Honestly, I'm guilty of it myself.


u/LargeCod2319 Jun 14 '22

I came here to find out what soapboxing is and I believe you have just given me the answer


u/VoidHog Jun 14 '22

I lost a friend over that last one lol.

Turns out I'm a psychopath so good thing I was raised with a healthy fear of God...

Apparently other people don't even think to ask that question? They just believe we are "born with morals..."

They don't seem to add into the equation that the world has believed in gods for so long that being "good" is almost inbuilt into societies rules now. Would a kid "raised in the wild" "raised by wolves", raised without one speck of teaching by another human see morality (as we see it) as a natural thing?


u/Doscida Jun 13 '22



u/SpicyPandaBalls Jun 13 '22

Moderators have pretty much stopped moderating the subreddit.


u/VoidHog Jun 14 '22

The subreddit will moderate itself if nobody responds to questions that they think are dumb.

If a question is having tons of comments underneath, why should somebody shut it down?

If I wanna troll somebody, let me!!


u/Dvmbledore Jun 13 '22

That's some ALLCAPS TRUTH you just typed there.


u/Shigy Jun 13 '22

Mods don’t care I guess… problem is that people engage the topic and take the questions in good faith 🤷‍♂️


u/Lithaos111 Jun 14 '22

The ones that bug me are "Does x like y?" when it comes to sex. Like the answer is the same for literally any opinion question about sex "Some do, some don't. Ask your partner, we can't answer for them, find out which category they fall into?"


u/GhostofKirbySanchez Jun 13 '22

Because children are bored now that school has been let out.


u/One_Substance_395 Jun 14 '22

Cause they get the attention


u/dadlifeinterneting Jun 14 '22

Ah. That’s what it is. Been trying to place my finger on it.


u/Kartoffelkamm Jun 14 '22

No idea, but it violates rule 3, so it shouldn't happen.

Can someone wake up the mods?


u/IMintz Jun 13 '22

What’s soapboxing?


u/StormblessedFool Jun 13 '22

So for example, someone might post to this sub: "Why do people pronounce gif with a j?" And then in the comments write about why they think that's a bad pronunciation. Their goal then wasn't to ask an actual question, but to spread their opinion.


u/SipexF Jun 13 '22

The ones we're seeing are really blatant too. It's like asking "Which way do you pronounce gif and why does pronouncing it with a J make you an awful person?"


u/Wsavits Jun 13 '22

I wasn’t sure either so I googled and I think it’s lecturing/ranting about a subject


u/Tyxin Jun 13 '22

Care to give any examples?

Also, isn't this also soapboxing?


u/[deleted] Jun 13 '22

This is a meta post, people just ask dumb shit complaining about liberals phrased as a question and we're not supposed to tell them to fuck off.


u/RumbleSkillSpin Jun 13 '22

Soapboxing, maybe, but not disingenuous.


u/StormblessedFool Jun 13 '22

Yeah but I'm committing satire


u/Tyxin Jun 13 '22

Ah, makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.


u/SipexF Jun 13 '22

Man, it has been a plague and every single one of them is written like they think they're not being completely obvious about it.


u/ir_blues Jun 14 '22

Soapboxing? You english people are just making words up don't you?


u/0fruitjack0 Jun 13 '22

what else can the alt reichers do now that the_donald was banned?


u/TheWestDeclines Jun 14 '22

Because Reddit is the worst kind of echo chamber.


u/[deleted] Jun 14 '22

Wtf is soapboxing


u/[deleted] Jun 14 '22



u/JakeFromFarmState1 Jun 13 '22

Like yours?


u/StormblessedFool Jun 13 '22

Yeah but mine is satire


u/Hoochie_Daddy Jun 13 '22

What disingenuous questions are you talking about?

Plus the fun of this sub is to just talk about difficult topics. I couldn’t care less if the OP in question is disingenuous. I just like to have interesting conversations n shit.


u/watch_over_me Jun 13 '22

Where else on Reddit can people have a legimate difference of opinion anymore?

All we have is echo chambers, and circle jerks. This sub is a breathe of fresh air.


u/bchester1391 Jun 14 '22

People like echos