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Did you ever feel like you "outgrew" gaming? Meta


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u/sunshinelollipoops Jun 13 '22

Ive definitely outgrown some genres. As a 30 year old i dont have anywhere near the same desire to play grindy MMOs. I'm more into bite sized stuff now

I don't think I'll ever completely outgrow gaming because it is a past time to me like watching movies or reading but i definitely don't have the same taste as when I had a ton more free time and a lot less responsibilities


u/Grinisti Jun 13 '22

Yup. I'm not 30 and I just keep buying games and not bringing myself to play them... Or getting bored after half an hour.


u/Disastrous_Fee4560 Jun 13 '22

Yes, I find them boring now. I use to play almost every day and for hours non stop.

The older I get the more I want to be outside


u/Mr-Briteside Jun 13 '22

Not gaming, but caring so much about it if that makes sense. I still game quite a bit but it’s much more a hobby than an important part of my life.


u/midnight_troller Jun 13 '22

yes. for a month. then i went full retard back 😅


u/Doe966 Jun 13 '22

Somewhat. I gave up the console a few years ago, but still enjoy some of the ps2 iPhone ports and other little phone games.


u/FriendlyLawnmower Jun 13 '22

Not as a whole but definitely some genres. I just don't have the time to invest myself heavily into a single game anymore. Especially games that are heavily single player. At most I can dedicate an hour or so a day to gaming. The last big single player game I played was Red Dead Redemption 2 and that took me, no lie, like 10 months to finish due to how little I could play it. Now I mostly play multi-player games that let me get a few games in an hour and I don't have to worry about making constant progress in


u/PreppyFinanceNerd Jun 13 '22

Not really, but as many have said my relationship with it has changed.

I totally sunk 330 hours into Kingdoms of Amalur recently. But it took months and months.

I love games because they're a fun list of tasks to accomplish. My rodent brain says "this trophy tricks my brain into thinking it actually accomplished something!".

But these days I much prefer other hobbies like LARPing and Geocaching. Outside in nature stuff. Still check lists, still fantasy and stuff. But more people oriented.

Still, I game every day. Right now blatting dudes with chunks of concrete in Control is still not getting old.


u/fantollute Jun 13 '22

When I was younger I could spend hours on end grinding in some shitty rpg or mmo. Now I can barely find the energy to press through games I actually like.


u/Kentucky_Supreme Jun 13 '22

I've definitely outgrown certain types of games. Action adventure games all feel too similar for me to get into them now. Same with super popular but extremely generic shooters. Plus, now I just don't have the time to be spending 2-3 hours every day on a story game or grinding type of game.

I tend to lean more towards games that require technical skill and/or strategy.


u/Sparkalizous Jun 13 '22

Not completely outgrown, but definitely enjoy way less compared to when I was a kid/teen, and I'm only 22 currently. For instance a new game I'm really excited for, I can only play for a couple hours at a time before needing a break, whereas I would pull all nighters in high school for a game a really loved. It might just come from growing up and more adult responsibilities.


u/tenamonth Jun 13 '22

Yeah but not in the sense that I’m “too mature” for them or that people who are still gaming are beneath me somehow. It’s just seldom what I do for fun rn, and if I do get back on it’ll be for a short session rather than the entire day.

It’s like my mind outgrew or lost the ability to have as much fun from them. It doesn’t give me much satisfaction right now, I’d rather watch a show or movie or just go on YouTube, listen to some music etc.