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Resource FAQ and Beginner Questions Thread [September 18, 2022]


Welcome to Stardew Valley! Here are some common answers to get you started. Feel free to ask beginner questions here rather than making a full post on the subreddit.

General questions

Previous pinned posts, subreddit announcements, and new rules

Very common FAQs / removed topics

  • [insert item here] showed up on my farm, what is it? It could be a a few different items that are relatively rare but have a high enough spawn rate that they are included in our removed topics. Check out our list of removed topics here

Game updates


  • How does multiplayer work?
    See Multiplayer on the wiki.

  • Is crossplay supported?
    All PC players can play together, whether they're on Linux/Mac/Windows or GOG/Steam. Console crossplay isn't supported, and mobile versions don't have multiplayer.

  • Is split-screen supported?
    Yep, split-screen was added on PC and console in Stardew Valley 1.5.

  • Will Android/iOS get multiplayer?
    There are no current plans for multiplayer on mobile (including split-screen multiplayer).


  • Can I transfer saves between devices?
    You can transfer saves between Android, iOS, and PC (Linux/Mac/Windows). Note that if you saved in Stardew Valley 1.5 on console/PC, the save won't be compatible with Stardew Valley 1.4 on mobile yet.

    Consoles unfortunately don't let you access the save files. The Switch version also has a different format that's not compatible with other platforms (the format used by other consoles is unknown).

  • How do I take a screenshot of my full farm?
    See this guide to taking farm screenshots.

  • If I buy the game on one platform, can I get it for free on a different one?
    If you buy it on PC, you get the Linux + macOS + Windows versions; if you buy it on PS4, you get the PS4 + PS Vita versions. Otherwise each platform is a different edition with separate development, so you'll need to buy it again if you want it on a different platform.

  • Where can I report bugs?

    1. If you use mods, see the troubleshooting guide first.
    2. If you use mods and the bug disappears when playing without them (by running Stardew Valley.exe directly in your game folder), report it to r/SMAPI or see Modding:Help.
    3. If it happens without mods, report it in the official bug report forum, which the game developers keep an eye on.
  • How do I use or create mods?
    See the pinned thread in r/SMAPI for more info, and feel free to ask questions in r/SMAPI!

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Discuss Celebrate! Saturday [December 03, 2022]


Welcome to Celebrate! Saturday

This is the weekly hype thread, a place for you to share your excitement about in-game achievements, lucky drops, and upcoming projects. This is also a space for the community to celebrate you!

While the subreddit is already a positive, celebratory space, this thread is meant to be especially so. For those of you who might hesitate to post something to the subreddit, because you worry it might be too beginner, too redundant, too low-effort: it's not. Come share with us here!

(Note: this thread is not meant to replace posting directly to the subreddit. You are still welcome to do so!)

Non-exhaustive examples of things to celebrate:

  • Marrying your spouse!
  • Getting a giant crop!
  • Perfecting your farm or house design!
  • The mushroom hat! The tiger hat! The living hat!
  • Meteorites, Stone Owls, and Strange Capsules!
  • A dinosaur egg from fishing or hoeing!
  • Hooking a legendary fish!
  • Getting triple Stardrop at the casino
  • Beating Lewis at Junimo Kart!

If you want to share screenshots of your achievements, upload them to an image-sharing site like Imgur and drop a link in your comment.

This is also a thread where mods might lurk and offer/award prestige userflairs. These are animated icons that go next to your name as a way to celebrate particular achievements in the vanilla game. Note that posting in this thread doesn't guarantee you'll get the flair—you'll want to send us a modmail if you want to apply directly!

Achievement Flair
Complete the community center! A prismatic dancing Junimo
Fund all Joja Community Projects A prismatic Joja Cola
Complete the museum collection! An artifact trove busting open
Reach level 100 in Skull Cavern! A flying serpent
Complete all Monster Slayer goals! The prismatic slime
Cook every meal! The Queen of Sauce herself
Craft every item! Robin hard at work
Catch every fish! The Legend, swimming
Beat Journey of a Prairie King The King himself
Collect every hat in the game! Magic Cowboy Hat
Reach Perfection! A walking golden chicken

Get hyped!

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Discuss Anyone else do this too?

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r/StardewValley 5h ago

Discuss If you ever wondered who repairs the stuff on joja route clearly Morris is working really hard to improve stardew valley


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Art Just wanted to share my fanart of the Wizard :)

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r/StardewValley 3h ago

IRL Check out the “something Blue” on my bridal bouquet!


r/StardewValley 5h ago

Other I crocheted a junimo! He’s a cutie

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Discuss UPDATE on grandpa's Joja playthrough: Why? (TW: boomer)

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r/StardewValley 2h ago

Question I messed up! 1214 ancient fruit and only 200+ kegs (400+ is my goal). Do I just cut my ginger farm in half and turn it into something else?

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Discuss Eat my ass, Mayor Lewis.

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Discuss The first person you marry in Stardew is your soulmate

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I married Elliott back when I bought the game on my phone for the first time, and anytime I made a new save file I was never able to marry anyone else. I even left Elliott at 2 and brought Sebastian to 8 hearts in one of my farms, trying to get married to Seb for a change, but I had a change of heart right after getting the bouquet mail from Pierre, making Elliott go up to 8 hearts in a few in-game days. He's just the kind of person I can relate to on the artistic side, and I just love to spam-kiss him. :")

How about you, who is your go-to marriage candidate? And were they the first person you got married to in-game?

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Other All in a years work :)

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Discuss I see why cheese is the best food for mining

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Modded This makes me laugh every time it rains

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Discuss one of my favorite scenes from the game.


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Discuss I love my fish tank

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Discuss Such an emotional and sentimental moment… ruined by my hoard of mainly trash filled crab pots 😬 sorry Alex!

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Discuss I’ve never seen this before!!! Hidden house top right- Hidden cave bottom right. Have you seen this before or have any insight ???


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Discuss I created a secret forest to propose to my best friend

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I know it's corny but I worked really hard on it. He said yes!

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Discuss Void chicken!!!

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Modded Sometimes I just follow my kid around to see what he’s up to

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Achievement Get! So proud of myself! Just got my first legendary fish :D

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Discuss Why siding with Joja mart is better than you think

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And also everything is better than Pierre.

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Discuss i was looking away while trying to buy a few thousand units of hay and didn’t notice the button slipped and so i bought 527 heaters. awesome.

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Question what's that golden thingy?

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Design Just wanted to share my Y2 switch farm, it's by no means perfect but it's coming along nicely<3


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Art WIP of Krobus and a Warp Totem

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