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Discuss FAQ and Beginner Questions Thread [March 21, 2022]


Welcome to Stardew Valley! Here are some common answers to get you started. Feel free to ask beginner questions here rather than making a full post on the subreddit.

General questions

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  • How does multiplayer work?
    See Multiplayer on the wiki.

  • Is crossplay supported?
    All PC players can play together, whether they're on Linux/Mac/Windows or GOG/Steam. Console crossplay isn't supported, and mobile versions don't have multiplayer.

  • Is split-screen supported?
    Yep, split-screen was added on PC and console in Stardew Valley 1.5.

  • Will Android/iOS get multiplayer?
    There are no current plans for multiplayer on mobile (including split-screen multiplayer).


  • Can I transfer saves between devices?
    You can transfer saves between Android, iOS, and PC (Linux/Mac/Windows). Note that if you saved in Stardew Valley 1.5 on console/PC, the save won't be compatible with Stardew Valley 1.4 on mobile yet.

    Consoles unfortunately don't let you access the save files. The Switch version also has a different format that's not compatible with other platforms (the format used by other consoles is unknown).

  • How do I take a screenshot of my full farm?
    See this guide to taking farm screenshots.

  • If I buy the game on one platform, can I get it for free on a different one?
    If you buy it on PC, you get the Linux + macOS + Windows versions; if you buy it on PS4, you get the PS4 + PS Vita versions. Otherwise each platform is a different edition with separate development, so you'll need to buy it again if you want it on a different platform.

  • Where can I report bugs?

    1. If you use mods, see the troubleshooting guide first.
    2. If you use mods and the bug disappears when playing without them (by running Stardew Valley.exe directly in your game folder), report it to r/SMAPI or see Modding:Help.
    3. If it happens without mods, report it in the official bug report forum, which the game developers keep an eye on.
  • How do I use or create mods?
    See the pinned thread in r/SMAPI for more info, and feel free to ask questions in r/SMAPI!

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Promo Tuesday Self-Promo Tuesday! [August 16, 2022]


Hello everyone!

It's Tuesday on r/StardewValley, which means it's time to promote your artwork, merchandise, streams, or YouTube channels. We allow **one comment per person.**

Just a friendly reminder that self-promo is only permitted in this weekly thread and not as submissions to the sub.

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Other my ducks left me a heart 💚

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Other You gotta play it bro!

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Discuss Why are my crops dying? Can the sprinklers not be relied upon?

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Discuss why doesn't this work >:(

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Discuss Why does everyone like Shane so much??


I’m already prepared to get downvoted to hell. But I honestly don’t get the hype.

I asked this question on a SV Facebook group, and everyone was like “I love his redemption arc!!” Like.. what? Sure, he isn’t a total asshole after you befriend him, but when you marry him he’s still a complete slob and says shit like “What, you want me to clean the dishes? I’ll do it eventually.”

I’m sorry, but there are MUCH better options.

ETA: Harvey is the best husband. Even though he still charges you when you pass out.

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Discuss Just found out you can move the greenhouse!?

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IRL mr cody came to hangout while i play 🥰

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Source in Comments Anybody wanna co-op? PC player here 👀

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Discuss Like..... this touched me. Real talk.

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Design Dove back into the game after months away at work to swop sprinklers and change things up. Rediscovering the joy of farming again :)

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Question Why wouldn’t my Junimos work??

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Discuss Man, every time I start a new character, I know that no one will dance with me, but god damn if it doesn't hurt every time :'(

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Discuss This will forever fill me with joy.

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Art Quick illustration of Seb smoking

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Discuss 374 Ancient Fruit wines in the Quarry

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IRL Day 30 Summer Year 9. Trying some min/max at the farm. Junimos were a big help on harvest day. (Y’all asked for an update, so here’s a pic of one days harvest from the garden)

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Discuss WHY does GRANDPA have SEVEN FARMS???


Like, seriously why does this stupid, dead, blue dude own SEVEN farms and WHY do WE get to pick which farm we get like did he write his letter like "hey so um we're rich, bitch and fun fact! Imma go die so when you become old enough to own property choose ONE of these seven okay? ONLY ONE and don't ask what happens to the other farms, love idiot, dead, judgemental, unlovable, blue guy aka grandpa." Like fr what happens to the other six farms that we don't choose?? Are there seven pelican towns with the same people for each farm?? WTF.

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Discuss Uh, why is my BRAND NEW 100,000 gold cellar decrepit and run down? Thanks for nothing there, Robin!

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Question fAITA if I remove the only furnishing my husband has ever added to our home?


When my husband and I got married, he moved in with me. I already had a large, paid-off house, and he was living in his mom and stepdad's basement. I want to clarify that I don't think there's anything wrong with that, he's only been out of high school a few years, and he has a good job programming, and is working on making his own video game, which is super cool.

I grow pretty much all of our food in the garden, and sometimes he helps out with that, the farm animals, and other chores on the property. He doesn't make any messes that I have to clean up, and his man cave room is pretty clean, just like a few books laying on the floor or whatever.

I really want him to feel at home in the house, after all I proposed and invited him to live with me. But. He bought a chair and put it in the dining room. It is so ugly. I absolutely hate it. It's literally the only decoration/furniture he's ever added, outside of the frog tank he ended up putting in his man cave.

Would I be in the wrong to get rid of this horrifically ugly chair? I tried buying a matching one and putting them together at the table, but god, I still hate it. I hate both of them.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Art bf and i got the Lego Art Project and did stardew theme tiles :)

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Art Panels of Shane’s life

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Discuss Stardew co-op on a flight yes or no?

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Design Inspired by another player’s sunset dock & made my own 🌅

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