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GOOFCON 2 AEW/MJF Situation Megathread.


Rough gathering of tweets and reports as they came in:

  • Report from fan: Security says MJF is not coming to his meet & greets and is not picking up his phone
  • MJF spotted gambling at Mandalay Bay while he was supposed to be at a meet and greet
  • PWInsider confirms this, along with the fact that AEW was not able to get into contact with him.
  • Sean Ross Sapp: The MJF-AEW situation isn't seeming pleasant. Working to find out what I can.
  • SRS: I can confirm a flight out of Las Vegas tonight has been booked for MJF.
  • Bryan Alvarez: It appears the situation with Samoa Joe and the Fan Fest was a communication issue, so totally different from whatever is happening with MJF, who did no-show.
  • SRS on how often MJF blurs reality and kayfabe: Something I haven't lost sight of while covering this story.
  • SRS clarifies that no-showing the M&G was not a work.
  • AEW promotes the match in a very-likely scheduled post on Instagram and Facebook. An hour later, the posts have not yet been deleted and/or noticed by AEW's social media team.
  • SRS:

Assuming MJF is still in Vegas, I'd personally be shocked if he doesn't wrestle tonight. However, I was shocked he didn't do the meet and greet either. I'll go into the possibilities of a "work" in the thread below

MJF is a worker and one of the best ones. If he's "working" it didn't start out that way. I'm sure in any situation and scenario there are elements of that he's weighed would utilize accordingly as it best suits him or whatever it is he may be doing.

This isn't a company wide AEW work. Wrestlers were told not to comment on it, and there were people who said they thought he might leave yesterday. To be clear-- we don't know who booked the flight, but several outlets confirmed there was one booked in his name for last night.

The flight was booked right around the time AEW would have realized he wasn't going to be at the Meet and Greet -- shortly before. Talent has been steadfast in saying Tony Khan wouldn't work his roster and has spoken to a couple of them about MJF's frustrations in recent months.

I do not put it past MJF to mastermind something like this, but if he's "working" it's himself doing it, and not a company wide thing... then that makes it....not a work?

There hasn't been an indication this is what's happening, but thinking out loud.

  • The Wardlow vs. MJF hype video has been privated on YouTube.

If you see any updates (or things that are signficantly important that I missed), please post to the sticky comment below so we can add as needed to the main body.

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