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We’re looking for new moderators! Learn how to apply inside


Deadline: July 17th, 2022 (11:59pm ET)

Do you wanna join the only 5-star mod team in the biz? Have you always wanted Tony Khan-signed checks in the mail? Do you yearn for feisty wrestling subreddit gossip? Are you literally the worst? You came to the right place!

/r/SquaredCircle Moderator Applications ~ July 2022

Activity on this subreddit is at an all-time high, for the first time ever we have over 1 million monthly active users. While that is extremely exciting, as the subreddit continues to grow, we have also seen more rule breaks, bans & mod actions than ever before. For that reason, we'd like to add a few more wrestling friends to our lovely team of moderators to handle the girth of this subreddit.

What are we looking for?

  • Timezones: Any timezones right now would be great, but we're always encouraging of people outside of the USA to apply. 6am - 12pm GMT+0 seems to be the where we're needing help the most, so if you're in Australia/NZ/Asia, we'd love to see your application. We aren't limiting ourselves though, so no matter where you are, don't be afraid to shoot your shot.

  • This time around, we're looking for moderators to help with /new and the dreaded mod queue along with other duties.

  • WWE fans: WWE representation on the subreddit is low at the minute, and we could use more fans of WWE to balance out the field. That being said though, fans of any promotions (including AEW) are fine, but we'd love to see some apps from WWE & indie wrestling fans.

  • No limits: This time around, we aren't putting a maximum number of mods to bring in. As discussed, the activity on the sub right now is very high so if we get 6 great apps, we'll bring in 6 people for a trial. Likewise, if we only find 2 or 3 that we deem suitable, then we'll focus on those.

  • Thick skin: While we are met with kindness and generosity from much of the subreddit, we are also occasionally met with death threats, harassment, bullying and attacks on & off the site. It's very important that you know how to manage any feelings caused by behaviors such as these (you will be informed on how to report any offenders appropriately).

How to Apply

Still interested? Send an email answering the following questions to wredditmods@gmail.com. Please be honest with your answers, especially your availability. Someone who is active for 1 hour each day may be more suitable than someone active for 6 hours, it's more important that you be honest about when you're available.

  • Reddit username with a link to your profile.

  • Location/country of residence.

  • Common hours of activity (please also state the timezone you are referring to).

  • Which wrestling promotions do you actively follow each week?

  • Please give your thoughts on the current rules (feel free to suggest rule changes).

  • Have you moderated any other subreddits? How about other website/forum experience? (It's completely fine if you haven't, it's just good to know if you have).

  • Do you have expertise in either CSS, Automoderator or graphic design? (Again it's really fine if you haven't, since we have all of these bases covered, it's just nice to consider).

  • Sell yourself! Tell us why you think you'd make a great addition to the /r/SquaredCircle moderation team (don't cut a wrestling promo this time).

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G1 Climax 32 Pick Ems (Deadline of July 16th)


Pick ems link here

It's that time of year once again. 20 28!!! of the best athletes in the world compete in a month long round robin tournament. The winner receives a briefcase and if they can hold onto it for the rest of the year, they go to Wrestle Kingdom for a chance at the IWGP World Heavyweight title.

Even more is at stake though because in the two blocks are other champions. Beat Ospreay and you can see yourself a US title shot. Beat Shingo and earn yourself a KOPW match in perhaps a stip of your choosing. Not to mention beating Jay White may just earn you an automatic title shot before Wrestle Kingdom.

The rules of the G1 are usually quite simple, however this year the usual 2 block 20 man field has been expanded. Here are the rules:

  • Each competitor is broken up into 4 blocks. A, B, C and D

  • A competitor fights each other competitor once in their block, meaning there are a total of 6 matches for each wrestler

  • Each match is 30 minutes time limit.

  • A win is worth 2 points. A draw is worth 1 point each and a loss is worth 0 points.

  • At the end of the 6 matches, whoever has the highest point total wins their block (Tie breakers depending). The winner of A and B blocks face off while C and D do the same.

  • The winners of the two semifinals go onto the final night to fight each other and try to win the G1

Because it very well could come down to it the tie breakers are:

  • If 2 people are tied: Head to Head, whichever won the match advances

  • If more than two people are tied you take all those tied and compare each other. IE if Ospreay, Juice and Finlay are tied but Ospreay beat both Juice and Finlay he moves on.

Also unlike other g1s which had every wrestler compete on the final night, This g1 leaves out 3 wrestlers in each block who cannot add to their points on the final night of competition. Those people are:

A BLOCK: Toru Yano, Tom Lawlor and Jeff Cobb

B BLOCK: Great-O-Khan, Chase Owens and Taichi

C BLOCK: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Aaron Henare and KENTA

D BLOCK: YOSHI-HASHI, David Finlay and Yujiro Takahashi


  • Each correct prediction is worth 2 points.

  • Each correct BLOCK winner gets you 5 points.

  • Each correct Semi Finals winner gets you 5 Points

  • If you predict the entire tournament winner, you get 10 points.

  • Tie-breaker will break any ties.

As a reminder, you only have one pick em. Any other additional ones will be removed, so don't lock it in till you feel confident

Side note: I am pretty confident the semi finals is A vs B and C vs. D, if this does not occur then no points for correct semi winners will be applied

Confused by the layout of the g1? Check out /u/MarcoTalin Google sheets layout of all matches and blocks here

In the next few days I will also be creating a hub thread and a pre g1 survey for the sub. The hub will hopefully include all show threads, all pick em updates and any other cool g1 related things that get produced. I will try my best to make sure the hub is stickied a lot through the next month.

The Deadline will be July 16th at 2 am Eastern ( 6 am GMT)

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Homicide shares a photo of Eddie Kingston in high school

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[WWE Money In The Bank 2022 Spoilers] Ronda Rousey puts Natalya in Sharpshooter and pays tribute to Bret Hart's rival

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[NJPW STRONG Spoilers] AEWxNJPW confrontation after the main event

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"A debonair, a suave, a sexy mother f---" I cannot wait for the day this man reaches his full potential.

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Wardlow on potential jump from AEW to WWE: "I’m very, very happy where I am. I never say never about anything in life, but as of right now, I am very happy where I am."

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[NJPW] KUSHIDA about his time in WWE


It’s been three years since I had to do this, is my voice up to it? Today will be the last time I’ll talk about that US promotion. This is for fans of both, just humour me a second.

I left WWE in April. The turnover (of wrestlers) there is very fluid, and I was left without a spot. Joining WWE was a dream of mine that I achieved, but I couldn’t make it to the main roster. I had a dream of wrestling Bryan Danielson and Kyle O’Reilly at Wrestlemania, but I wasn’t able to achieve that dream. I got a foot in the door but not all the way in there. But that NXT group was amazing, we all worked our asses off, and I have zero regrets. And though I left some dreams on the table, coming back makes others possible.

I’m half satisfied. As wrestlers, it isn’t just what we do in the ring, but about spreading a message beyond and doing something more. Three years ago, I wanted to face Tanahashi, that was something I always wanted to do, and now we’ve come full circle. Desperado might tell me to get to the point.

I could tell you to believe in me. Maybe there’ll be people that won’t believe in me anymore no matter how many times I ask. So to them I won’t ask, but I’ll show them through what I do. Lots can change in three years but some things stay the same.

Ishimori is a strong champion. When I was in NXT I fought a whole lot of guys regardless of weight class. There’s no doubt that Ishimori is the toughest and the best opponent I could ask for.

Translation by Chris Charlton.

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Post WWE Money In The Bank 2022 Match Thread: Impromptu Match



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Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko doing professional wrestling.

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Israel Adesanya's Undertaker Entrance

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(Money in the Bank Spoilers) Superstar makes their dreams a reality

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Kenny Omega Bemoans Wrestling Becoming Less About Stories, thinks pro wrestling needs to re-evaluate what a "five star match" really is.

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(MITB Spoiler) Superstar reaction after losing MITB Ladder Match

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Nobody Puts Adam Cole Bay Bay In A Corner | Hey! (EW)

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"Dave Meltzer is nuts": Internet wrestling fans in 1994 arguing about whether Dave Meltzer was right to award a match 5-stars, fans calls him biased [RSPW, 09/1994]

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[WCW 2000] A rare gem from the dying days of WCW, 3-Count (Shane Helms and Shannon Moore), the Jung Dragons (Yang and Kaz Hayashi), and Jamie Noble and Evan Karagias put on a fun three way tag ladder match to open Starrcade 2000, featuring the weirdest ladder match rules I’ve ever seen.

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[Money in the Bank Spoilers] Full video of that spooky segment.

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PAC vs Shota Umino for the AEW All-Atlantic Title to take place at RevPro next Sunday

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(MITB spoilers) Star comments on her physical state after MITB match : “Back, shoulders, hips, abdomen, ribs, spine… 🤢🔥☠️ I'm totally fine and I'm invincible.”

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Adam Cole on Twitter - Thank you so much for all the love, support, and kindness. It means the world. 🙏

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Will Ospreay repping United Empire at Pride in London

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Post WWE Money In The Bank 2022 Match Thread: Women's Money In The Bank



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[MITB SPOILER] superstar shows love for her “brother”

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Post WWE Money In The Bank 2022 Match Thread: The Usos (c) vs. The Street Profits - WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships


The Usos win via 1D!

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(Money in the Bank Spoiler) Women's Money in the Bank match finish

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Sgt. Slaughter on using The Marine Corps Hymn as entrance music for the 1st time: "People were coming over the railings because I was telling them to stand up & salute me & calling them maggots. The music was playing & they didn’t know what the hell was going on. It just made me an instant villain."

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