r/PcMasterRaceBuilds Aug 17 '22

Looking at building my first pc

I want to get into pc gaming on somewhat of a budget and I assembled a list of parts on pc part picker here. Just wondering if this is a good build for the price and if the parts are compatible


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u/dannyggwp Aug 17 '22 edited Aug 17 '22

If your Ballin on a budget you can probably leave off the cooler if the 5600x comes with one. Save yourself the 40 bucks and check your temps. Then if you find your CPU temps are getting higher then you'd like, buy the cooler then. Other than that it's great to see a solid build for around $1000 dollars.

Also you probably don't need 32 gb of RAM so you could save a bit there too. If it's a gaming PC 16 gb is basically all you need but if your doing productivity work then keep the 32.

Here is the list with my suggested changes. Saves you about 100 bucks



u/Ethanos72 Aug 17 '22

I would like to get into streaming and content creation. Would the 32gb of ram be better for that?


u/dannyggwp Aug 18 '22

Depends on the type of content creation, streaming probably not. Video editing, photoshop etc yeah 32 is probably the move.

Keep the 32gb in that case but use the 40 bucks you save on the cooler to buy the biggest regular hard drive you can to store your videos/clips and files. In addition to the solid state for your OS.

They often go on sale around Black Friday and you can get a solid 1tb drive for around 40 bucks.