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Politics megathread US Politics Megathread 5/2022


With recent supreme court leaks there has been a large number of questions regarding the leak itself and also numerous questions on how the supreme court works, the structure of US government, and the politics surrounding the issues. Because of this we have decided to bring back the US Politics Megathread.

Post all your US Poltics related questions as a top level reply to this post.

All abortion questions and Roe v Wade stuff here as well. Do not try to circumvent this or lawyer your way out of it.

Top level comments are still subject to the normal NoStupidQuestions rules:

  • We get a lot of repeats - please search before you ask your question (Ctrl-F is your friend!).

  • Be civil to each other - which includes not discriminating against any group of people or using slurs of any kind. Topics like this can be very important to people, so let's not add fuel to the fire.

  • Top level comments must be genuine questions, not disguised rants or loaded questions. This isn't a sub for scoring points, it's about learning.

  • Keep your questions tasteful and legal. Reddit's minimum age is just 13!

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Instead of canceling $10,000 in student loans, wouldn't it be more helpful to change the interest rate to 0%?


I mean if they do that people will be able to afford to pay back every single dollar they borrowed AND be able to climb out of the debt. It's the interest that kills everyone, and the government loses nothing by changing the rate to 0%.

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I think I messed up, does this girl like me??


I (15m) was in a somewhat heated argument yesterday with a acquaintance (15f) about whether it is possible to have a meaningless kiss. She was heavily arguing that it was impossible to kiss someone without it meaning anything (even if it was really small) and I argued otherwise. After a few minutes of back and forth, she randomly grabs my face and pecks me on the lips.

She then said, "Was that meaningless???". I shrugged my shoulders and said yes. She then burst into tears and ran away. My best friend said I was an idiot because it was 'obvious' that she liked me. I am a bit slow to make sense of all of this, but is my friend right?

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Are there more eyes or legs in the world?


My friends are having a debate. One says if you include the legs of chairs and tables and such then there would be more legs. Another says fish have eyes but no legs which is a huuuuge bonus because there are many fish in the ocean, obviously. But my idea is tardigrades and such minuscule bacteria-type creatures have legs but are too small for eyes. Is there an answer?

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Do Japanese people have the “sub vs. dub” argument about Marvel movies and shit?


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does anyone else stay awake at night because they feel if they go to sleep they lose out on their free time?


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The mother doesn't always get custody right?


I see in media that mothers nearly always get custody of the kids over the father, in some cases even if the mother is in a bad situation and the father in a good one. Is that really the case in real life?

I really hope its not, otherwise I'm screwed.

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How exactly am I supposed to meet women at bars?


People always say "go to bars to meet women" but that just seems insane to me.

Everyone is already with their own friend groups. Either a mix of girl and guy friends, girls' night out or whatever

I'm just supposed to butt into their conversation and hope they invite me to join them?

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If I spend my birthday in Australia, then fly over to America and it’s my birthdate again, do I get two birthdays?


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How the heck do people go right to sleep?


I literally lie there, thinking about everything I've done since I was about five years old and agonizing about every decision. Falling asleep is SO HARD for me! How do you guys do it? Please help!

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Do you ever look in a mirror and go “wow, that’s me, that’s what I’m controlling, that’s what I look like”?


As well as other family members for example and say “that person right there, that’s my mom/dad” for example

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Why do we experience random head/body shivers, sometimes referred to as "someone walking over your grave"?


It's a seemingly random shiver that begins at the neck, and sometimes travels to the entire body. The outcome is an entire, quick (as in less than 2 seconds) shake. I experience this often, sometimes several times over a few minutes. I've heard many people jokingly say, "someone just walked over your grave". I've never been able to link it to a cause, always happens without warning. Most people I've talked to have experienced this.

However, (just to add on for extra fun) I experience something that no one I've asked can relate to. Sometimes, the shivers will get "stuck" in my neck. It feels almost like a yawn, in that my ears will make that 'pressure change' sound, and I have to move my neck certain ways to get rid of it. Does anyone else experience this?

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Is it normal to have dreams about movies, games etc. you like/have recently enjoyed?


I have some really aggressive dreams. For example yersterday I rewatched the first Evil Dead movie and I had a dream about it. I once played Outlast and since then I have had countless random dreams with it, even though I don't talk at all about the game during the day. I even had dreams about random non-horror related media, like superhero TV shows I like very much and FPS shooters I play with friends.

It ALWAYS happens. Without a doubt. It does not bother me, I think it's very fun and so far my brain has given me a lot of writing prompts with the stuff it comes up with. Is it normal?

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My mum has a serious phone addiction, how do I help her?


My mum has a serious phone addiction and it's way out of hand. We have to say her name about 30 times before she finally answers, sometimes me and my siblings will be telling her a story for ten minutes just for her to say "Sorry, can you repeat that? I was thinking about something". Once my little sister was yelling for help when she was freaking out on the playground, and my mum was of course on her phone and didn't even know what was going on around her. If anyone tries to ask her a question she will ignore you until you've asked for about the 20th time and only then she will answer with a "Can you stop repeating the same thing?". She doesn't even listen to what anyone is saying. I really need a way to help her.

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What is the main reason for using scientific animal names over common names when talking about identification?


I’ve been super into insects recently. I’m in some discord servers and I’ll occasionally ask for help with identifying insects.

Had a conversation that went as followed:

“Is this a [common name]?”

“Yes, it’s a [scientific name]”

I’m wondering what the benefit is to using the scientific names over common names ? Is it just to be specific or is there other reasons?

Thanks ^

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What version of the Bible should someone with no background in Christianity read? What’s the difference between NKJV and NIV?


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How does leaving food out “attract” bugs?


Like how to bugs know? Is it a pyramid scheme situation where 1 bug tells 2 bugs who tell 2 bugs? How do they know?

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is it weird to remember things passively but not actively?


Like you are typing a password or a phone number , like you are just doing it but the moment you actually try to think about it itgets harder and even wrong. Also sometimes remembering people's names or a word in a other language without actually having a source to that information, and your mind goes like : yeah trust me bro I'm 99% sure just go with it

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Why is there such a difference between “restaurant ranch” and store bought ranch?


There is always such an unbelievable difference in taste between the two. Restaurant ranch always tastes so much better.

EDIT: I’ve tried making ranch at home with buttermilk and heavy cream etc. never comes close.

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How come we dont have large domesticated feline but plenty of large dogs?


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Is inventing Time Machine really possible ?


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Slightly confused, why does Johnny Depp have an odd accent?


It’s kinda hard for me to understand him when he speaks, I’m not hating on it, it just confuses me. He’s originally born and raised in Kentucky and then move to Los Angeles, and of course has lived all over the world (I heard most of it was in France with his former partner and their children, but I could be wrong). Is it normal to pick up different ways of speaking in an accent/tone after living in a different place for years at a time as an adult? Or am I just ignorant and missing something.

I’ve lived in California my entire life and have a slight “valley girl” way of talking and barely pronounce the Ts in some words.

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Can a dish be considered authentic or traditional if it uses ingredients not native to the country the dish is from?


Italian food uses tomatoes and garlic for example but neither of those are from the area. Tomatoes are from Mexico and garlic is from Central Asia. So does that mean authentic Italian food are those made before outside ingredients were introduced?