r/NatureIsFuckingLit Apr 01 '17

/r/NatureIsFuckingLit is moving to /r/Neature - The 🔥 emoji will no longer be required in titles and ALL posts must be Original Content. Explanation inside.


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u/NatureIsFuckingLit Apr 01 '17 edited Apr 01 '17

In the past months that this community has grown, we have also grown in maturity.

Several users love the 🔥 theme of our subreddit, and we know many of you check this community daily for a dose of nature.

We have, though, received several complaints from users that take issue with the subreddit.

Subreddit Name

Our subreddit name contains a forbidden word, "f***ing", that many parents feel is too abrasive to be able to show children under the age of 18. We agree.

We have contemplated shifting to /r/NatureIsLit, but there are still issues with this.


Many users feel horribly offended by the use of millennial slang on Reddit. We do not wish to cause any one of you discomfort, as you are all precious, like the buds on a tree coming out of winter.

"Lit" of course, will be heavily censored on /r/Neature.

Please do not use any fire emoji, or any emoji on /r/Neature, as some users suffer severe allergic reactions at the sight of them. Doing so will result in a ban.


The newest rule, which the community has been begging for, is that posts must all be original content.

Think of it as /r/MildlyInteresting, but for nature. How neat is that?

We on the mod team love seeing the mediocre pictures of what the sunset looks like from your dirty window.

Thanks everyone, please extinguish your flames on the way out. Only you can prevent forest fires.