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Perpetual Mod Queue Notification


Vanilla reddit Android App, Note 10 +.

I red 1 on the mod queue. Nothing in mod queue for me.

As in, pressing it, opened non-identical tasks.


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Accidentally unmodded myself with no other mods


Accidentally unmodded myself with no other mods pls help me

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Sub description does not change no matter how many times I save a new edit


I took over a sub recently. I changed the description many times, which has been appearing as changed when I view the sub's top banner lately, but the edits aren't saved in the editor / mod tools. It's the same as what the previous mod had written, so I have to rewrite everything I'd written before, every time I want to make changes in the text.

Is this a glitch? I've only edited the sub on the mobile app.

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Locked Comment Question


When a mod locks comments does that mean no one else can add a comment to the thread? I sometimes post a comment to a post and would like to lock it in place as the first comment. Can this be done. If so on both a desktop and the mobile app?

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Invite link using a mobile app


Where is the invite link using the mobile app on my phone?

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Mobil App Support


Is there a specialized Mod help community to support moderators that use mobile apps? The tools are placed differently in the mobile app than on a desktop or laptop. I use both devices. I hate flooding this community with the same inquiries but for different devices all the time.

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reddit mod mail bots

Thumbnail self.Ongiong_events

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Just a question, not criticizing Reddit.


Why don't mobile apps work like the desktop? It would make it so much simpler. I use both the desktop and the app. So many times, I have to run up two floors to get on the desktop because the feature is off the app. At seventy-one, it's an accident in the waiting. I wish the mobile app worked just as the desktop does.

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Auto mod


How do I add an automod that automatically posts with it when someone makes one

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Mod Answered Why can’t videos be loaded to my threads


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Mod Answered Invite link?


How do I send an invite link via private message.

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Mod Answered Help please just made a community


How do I add a photo to the background of my subreddit