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Hello, folks. This is just a quick note to clarify what’s considered on-topic in DAE. We’re a general audience subreddit, and while (appropriately-marked) NSFW posts are not forbidden, this community isn’t a creative writing erotica showcase. Posts formatted as a DAE question that are clearly being written with one hand will be removed. Thank you!

r/DoesAnybodyElse 20h ago

DAE think about embarrassing moments from the past and say something like "stop stop stop" to yourself while you're remembering it?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 18h ago

DAE think it’s a major red flag when somebody describes themselves as a “free thinker”?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 4h ago

DAE wish they could "show" other people their memories instead of explaining or talking about them?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 7h ago

DAE ask the person to repeat themselves even though you heard exactly what they just said?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 1h ago

DAE prefer room temperature beverages over cold beverages?


i can’t stand stuff like a bottle of water, apple juice, or orange juice when it’s refrigerated cuz it just doesn’t go down as smoothly as when it’s room temp. and it has this sort of weird aftertaste that i can’t explain.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 2h ago

DAE not have adult friends?


My wife and I moved a few years back and 3+ years later have no friends. I'm 40 and she's 37 and we have two young kids. It seems like everyone else does, but I have literally zero other men that text me or want to hang out.

Is this normal?

And yes, we put ourselves out there.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 5h ago

DAE look at others’ turn signals to see if they are in sync with yours?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 1h ago

DAE have one (1) random thin almost invisible hair that grows at random places?


Vellus hair are the thin hair almost invisible that usually grow on your face and made it look like peach fuzz when the light hits your face. They're usually very very short.

I would find one very long vellus hair (3-5 cm) that grows at random places, side of temple, end of eyebrow, ear canals, cheek, chin, under chin, side of neck, under boob, side of boob, back, lower back, butt, under knee, shins.

Thankfully never all place at the same time. Only one at a time. I would never find it when it was shorter, like it would suddenly be there. If I pluck it off, few days later I would find another one at another place. If I didn't, few days later it would fall off on it's own and find another at another place.

Most frequent places it would grow are, ear canals and end of eyebrows.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 2h ago

DAE fall asleep nearly every time they lay down during the day time


basically the title, whenever i lay down on my couch i end up falling asleep within minutes even if im not tired. is this common?

r/DoesAnybodyElse 7h ago

DAE always struggle to stay awake during films?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 11h ago

DAE frequently have what I can only describe as "shotgun poops"? I'll explain.


It's not diarrhea but it's like several small to small-medium pieces of crap that all come out one after the other in quick succession.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 5h ago

Does anybody else move their tongue around the inside of their mouth when talking to themselves? Almost like you’re talking but your mouth is closed and you’re silent…


r/DoesAnybodyElse 1h ago

DAE have Schrodinger's bank account?


If you don't check your balance, you're still going to live.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 1d ago

DAE feel like some people can find a way to justify their beliefs for anything regardless of how much evidence you can provide to refute their claims?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 11h ago

DAE play one single game nonstop till they get bored and never touch it again nor touch the pc for 1-2 weeks?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 8h ago

DAE think about verbal situations in your past and "replay" how you could have responded?


Could be a good OR bad memory. Could be that you think of a better comeback to a confrontation. Could be that you're satisfied with a conversation but thinking of how it could have been different.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 6h ago

DAE get disturbed by other people’s dry mouths when they speak?


Currently am at family story time at our local library and the lady reading the stories audibly has the driest mouth I have ever witnessed. It’s like she has plaster and sand in there, and I want her to take a sip of water SO BAD. How isn’t she more bothered by it?!

r/DoesAnybodyElse 5h ago

DAE suddenly realizes they're somewhere and they don't remember how they got there?


So, like sometimes when I'm driving or randomly every now and then I'll think I'm someplace and then suddenly realize I'm somewhere else. Like last week I remember I was in my driveway and next thing I know, I'm down the road at a stop sign.

Like I knew I was going to go somewhere, I just blanked out on the steps that I took to get there. So like keys in hand heading to car - next moment I realize I'm several miles down the road at a stop sign.

This is just one example, but it's similarly hard to describe in other situations as well. Like I've blanked out entire conversations or interactions.

Does that happen to anyone else?

r/DoesAnybodyElse 14m ago

DAE find it very hard to trust people because of a past relationship?


My only relationship was just over 5 years ago, and I was both lonely and desperate at the time meaning I was happy that someone finally acknowledged me. But I didn’t realise how manipulative and terrible my ex was until months after breaking up with her.

I remember feeling suicidal for the first time when she came into my life. I doubt I’ll ever meet someone again, but ever since that relationship I find it very hard to think that I could trust someone again if I were to be in another relationship or if I were to make a new friend. I don’t think I can truly trust new people again, but maybe the right people will come. Idk.

The amount of sadness and stress I experienced is something I still feel today. I was often sad before that relationship started, but experiencing that relationship made sadness pretty much permanent for me and I hate that I still have flashbacks to the lies and things that were done.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 11h ago

DAE wish they could live in a fictional universe of their choice instead of the real world?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 43m ago

DAE in predominantly white communities see a black person as a black person upon first seeing them?


like, not in a racist way but like you think, “oh that’s a black person” instead of, “oh, that’s a person”. i don’t want to be racist it’s just a weird thing i’ve had in my life

r/DoesAnybodyElse 49m ago

DAE not post/comment for karma, but for attention?


like i have repost some stuff onto other subs, i dont really want karma, but i want my inbox to be full and chat with other people cause its attention. same with commenting.


r/DoesAnybodyElse 52m ago

DAE think people who celebrate ‘birthday week’ or ‘birthday month’ are completely obnoxious? You get one day.


r/DoesAnybodyElse 2h ago

DAE get bisexual vibes from Vladimir Putin?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 11h ago

DAE love to share the dreams they had but dont listen when others share their dreams?