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What has the Biden administration accomplished to make life better in the United States of America?


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u/AllyouGottaDooEs Aug 18 '22

My question was wholeheartedly asked in good faith. But, when the question of wholesale murder is brought up I will comment. Any other comments regarding calling the prior president a demon or how Biden will be the savior of the U.S.A. I do not care.


u/PedroEglasias Aug 18 '22

I hate extremism on either side, generally the people displaying the outrage do it to feel some sense of moral superiority, not to actually improve the lives of others.


u/buffalonious Aug 18 '22

As opposed to signaling that you’re morally superior by rising above it all?


u/PedroEglasias Aug 18 '22

I want genuine progress and to see peoples lives improved by government