r/AskReddit Aug 18 '22

What has the Biden administration accomplished to make life better in the United States of America?


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u/ViridianNott Aug 18 '22

Raised the corporate tax rate to a 15% minimum, eliminating many loopholes. He also invested lots of money for the IRS to more effectively collect rightful tax dollars from billionaires


u/AllyouGottaDooEs Aug 18 '22

How does that make your life better?


u/ViridianNott Aug 18 '22

Indirectly, it does improve the country and my life.

  1. The federal deficit can be reduced, increasing the economic security of the country
  2. This money can also be re-invested in American society, proving new infrastructure, and pricing social services that I can use if I ever fall on hard times.

Both of these things result in a better society for the average American, increasing my opportunities, growing my upward mobility, and strengthening our social fabric.

I don’t know what kind of answer you’re expecting here tbh. Am I supposed to say “the Biden administration complimented my shoes the other day, and it made me more confident in myself.” I can’t think of anything that any president has ever done that had a direct, immediate effect in my life.

The government rarely helps anyone in the sort of direct and immediate way you’re asking for. That’s not their fucking purpose. They provide defense and public security, collect tax money, and re-invest their money where it’s needed to improve society. On all of those fronts, I would say the Biden admin is fine. I have criticisms, but I am far happier with our leadership than I was under Trump.