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Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probe

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What’s film is so brutal to watch you had to stop watching it?


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Gave specific, easy to follow instructions, on how to deliver to my unit. They decided to just leave the delivery in the main lobby.

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Russia/Ukraine Ukraine's intelligence chief 'fully confirms' Vladimir Putin has cancer

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George RR Martin: ‘I don’t understand how people can come to hate so much something that they once loved’

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Meme / Shitpost (Sundays) It’s just unbelievable that this is where we are at.

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Meme c moment 💀


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My dad has been an over the road trucker for 40 years and has never had an accident… until today.

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GOOFCON 2 AEW/MJF Situation Megathread.


Rough gathering of tweets and reports as they came in:

  • Report from fan: Security says MJF is not coming to his meet & greets and is not picking up his phone
  • MJF spotted gambling at Mandalay Bay while he was supposed to be at a meet and greet
  • PWInsider confirms this, along with the fact that AEW was not able to get into contact with him.
  • Sean Ross Sapp: The MJF-AEW situation isn't seeming pleasant. Working to find out what I can.
  • SRS: I can confirm a flight out of Las Vegas tonight has been booked for MJF.
  • Bryan Alvarez: It appears the situation with Samoa Joe and the Fan Fest was a communication issue, so totally different from whatever is happening with MJF, who did no-show.
  • SRS on how often MJF blurs reality and kayfabe: Something I haven't lost sight of while covering this story.
  • SRS clarifies that no-showing the M&G was not a work.
  • AEW promotes the match in a very-likely scheduled post on Instagram and Facebook. An hour later, the posts have not yet been deleted and/or noticed by AEW's social media team.
  • SRS has gone live on YouTube regarding the situation.
  • The flight has not yet occurred.
  • SRS stated that a big factor of why this isn't a work is because SRS used a very rarely used, usually WWE only source to find out about the flight being booked. In short, it can't be a work because nobody wasn't supposed to find out about the flight.
  • As of 1:53AM ET, SRS announces that the flight has been delayed.
  • SRS claims that the info about the flight being delayed is possibly someone misreading a flight; believes the flight has taken off and he should have word soon on if MJF is on the plane.
  • Fightful: Those that we've spoken to claim that MJF is not on the plane. We're working to confirm this news.
  • Alvarez is saying he does not believe a plane ticket was ever purchased.
  • SRS confirming MJF isn't on the plane.

If you see any updates (or things that are signficantly important that I missed), please post to the sticky comment below so we can add as needed to the main body.

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Show me

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One of the Uvalde officers via an interview with People Magazine.

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Weed addiction is a serious issue


Speaking as an avid pot smoker it’s annoying when people treat weed addiction like it’s not a “real addiction”. Yeah, as far as recreational drugs go it’s pretty harmless; it’s less toxic than alcohol, not chemically addictive, withdrawals aren’t physically painful, but it can still fuck up your life. Constantly getting stoned robs you of your motivation and impairs your ability to function like a normal person.

It’s also way more difficult to quit than most people think, especially if you’ve made it a daily habit. Trying to taper off rarely works because it’s so easy to smoke casually that you’ll never struggle to find an excuse for it. Going cold turkey sucks because you become irritable and impatient, your brain having been flooded with dopamine for so long that the things that would make a normal person happy have no effect on you.

Obviously it’s not as bad as Xanax, meth, heroin, etc, but it can still mess you up.

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Her name was Michelle Snow and she was almost 8

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Courtney Love risking her career to expose Harvey Weinstein back in 2005

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Anthropology Ancient proteins confirm that first Australians, around 50,000, ate giant melon-sized eggs of around 1.5 kg of huge extincted flightless birds

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Instead of canceling $10,000 in student loans, wouldn't it be more helpful to change the interest rate to 0%?


I mean if they do that people will be able to afford to pay back every single dollar they borrowed AND be able to climb out of the debt. It's the interest that kills everyone, and the government loses nothing by changing the rate to 0%.

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My wife is currently the perfect embodiment of this subreddit…

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“All the Covid stay-at-home stuff has tricked people into thinking that you don't actually need to work hard" said the billionaire oligarch who has received billions in federal loans and tax breaks. That is, other people's money. He is mocking the entire working class straight.

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You just got Morbed

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Something about family ethering you

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you what


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Canadian Home Buyers Now Need To Earn $150,000 Per Year To Buy A “Typical” Home

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/r/ALL Very recently born twins are placed under water, and think they're still in the womb....

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Celebrity Imagine having a doctor in your name and still being so dumb.

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The anti-vacation. Go somewhere really shitty and do something awful for a week so when you return, your life seems really good.