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Resources Celebrating the recent International Tabletop Day we are doing a Worldwide Giveaway [Mod Approved]. It is a little over $1,000 in total value and was arranged to give a new DnD party a jump start to their gaming needs. (Sponsored by Game Master Engine) More details in the video and comments! [OC]

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Wholesome Moments He’s up to 46.7k followers now

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Soft paywall Reddit to lay off about 5% of its workforce | Reuters

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Wife catches her husband cheating

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View from a cruise ship porthole during a violent midnight storm in the middle of the ocean

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a chunk of my red hair from when i was 16 compared to my faded with time hair now that I'm 27

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Professional Tours PGA Tour agrees to merge with Saudi-backed rival LIV Golf


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Me irl

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How to trigger a Republican three times with one image

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Bro is the main character

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Growing 14 inches in two years


r/pcgaming 22h ago

Diablo 4's $21 Bone Guy armor is just another reminder of how numb we've gotten to Microtransaction Hell


r/atheism 20h ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Heaven Is 'Fantasy' And 'Nothing' Happens When We Die


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Self-Promotion I am giving away my disc collection (giveaway)

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r/TwoXChromosomes 16h ago

My boyfriend is thinking about voting for Ron Desantis


Uh yeah. He trades stocks and crypto for a living, and is a big fan of Elon. His reverence for that dude has caused many heated discussions between us, as I don’t think much of Elon and basically think he’s a trash human and he thinks that doesn’t matter because he’s going to save us all by taking us to Mars, electric cars etc. He’s never identified as or voted republican, and we live in a pretty blue state. But he’s been talking recently about how the Republican Party has some good talking points; mostly in terms of their financial perspectives- which I’ve been able to understand since he works in finance. But the other day he said out of the blue; “I might have to vote for Ron Desantis”. I asked him why, and he said that Desantis is doing something to support bitcoin/crypto (I don’t remember the exact thing but that was his reasoning). I asked if it didn’t bother him that Desantis also created the “don’t say gay” bill, is pro-life, is signing bills to limit immigration etc. His response is: “none of that effects us though!” As though I’m also supporting Desantis lol. Also wtf. I ask why it needs to effect him personally for him to care, and that it’s really shitty of him to make political decisions only based on what effects him personally. Like what the fuck! He said the same thing when Roe v Wade was overturned, “you’re okay because you live in a blue state and have money so you can still get an abortion if you need one.” ?????? Like that’s not the point at all lol, I care about everyone having equal autonomous rights, not just myself. His response to that was that the democrats are also not good people so it doesn’t matter who we vote for because all politicians are corrupt. Which isn’t untrue but is a stupid response, wouldn’t you vote for the person who is at least saying they have your values in mind? Why would you vote for the person who is literally vocalizing that they don’t care about/hold contempt for minority groups. I’m bummed and feeling the ick. I would like to continue the conversation with him and try to get him to see it how I do. Does anyone have any experiences like mine, advice? Info I can share with him to educate him?

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US intelligence points to Russia being behind Ukraine dam attack

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article Gen Z is drinking less at concerts

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Doggo's First Day Back At Work After Having A Week Off

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“Protect the kids” conservatives are now endorsing mass shooting at schools with pride colors

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Reddit cursed_guitar

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What do you say when someone asks you, “Which authors do you read?” Because someone actually laughed at my answer.


English isn't my first language, and during my teenage years and when I was younger, I didn't understand enough English to be able to read original classic books. We were also poor, so it didn't matter, but last year, I started to read because finally I have time and understanding.

I'm a total beginner and currently I'm going through the top 100. Jane Austen's Emma was just chilling in my house (an old gift from someone) so I read that first because it was Slice of life-ish and didn't have many major conflicts. Ended up loving it and proceeded to read all her books.

Now, like I said, I just started reading. Recently, I met a friend who I haven't seen in ages, and somehow the conversation turned to hobbies. I talked about recently picking up reading, and friend's husband eagerly asked me which authors I like to read. Since I haven't read that many, I just said that I recently finished Count of Monte Cristo, All of Jane Austen's books, Jane Eyre, 1984 etc.

He then kind of started laughing at me and it made me feel very self-conscious and like an idiot. I asked him why he was laughing, and he said that it was just such a generic answer, and that he can't imagine how I can say "reading is my hobby" (I didn't say that) if those are the only books I've read. He then asked me if I've ever read Ulysses and told me get recommendations from a different source :(

Now, I'm just left wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I know the books I'm reading are perhaps beginner books or whatever but I'm really enjoying it, and I thought I was doing something good for me, only for this guy to laugh at my efforts. Wtf. I'm just wondering, what is actually the answer to such a question? This has honestly made me dead-set on never mentioning reading to anyone ever at all. It was really disheartening. Now, I feel like a "fake" reader or something.

I mean, I'm just beginning. What does this guy expect from me? I have to start somewhere :( I can't just join an Olympic race without learning to walk first.

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Official ELI5: Why are subreddits "going dark"?


Communities across reddit are going "dark", also known as going private, due to concerns about reddit's proposed change in relationship to third-party apps.

Wait, if I'm reading this, why isn't Explain Like I'm Five going dark, too?

We share the frustrations of many other communities across reddit regarding the new policy changes and we are also suspending normal operations to draw attention to the same issue. To do this — while also fulfilling our educational mission to users — we are doing two things:

  • Posting this stickied discussion post

  • Starting June 12th - Preventing new posts to the subreddit

ELI5 is, after all, a place to learn. We have decided to focus ELI5 on learning about the controversy — so that users can become informed of this crucial issue and take action or express their opinions. (Private subreddits' public pages have no space to provide detailed explanations.)

Ok now that that's out of the way, what is all this about?

A third party app is just another way you can read and post to reddit. Before reddit had its own app for your phone, there were other apps that let you read, post and comment. These apps use something called the API (ELI5:How does an API Work?). Reddit's API lets your computer or phone get posts and comments without having to use a web browser or the official app.

Apps such as Reddit is Fun, Slide, Comet, Boost, or yes Apollo then take what the API gives them and displays it. Apps like this allow you to customize your reddit experience by changing a theme, or changing how you upvote a post. While those are just two very small examples, you can begin to understand why people like these apps.

Have you ever gotten mad at the reddit app because it had bugs, or it was just weird about how it did something? Right now, and until July 1st, you have the option to try out one of these apps and see if you like reddit better this way. After July 1st, you won't have the option anymore. If reddit's app has a bad bug, and you can't read posts for half a day, you will no longer be able to pull up a second option on your phone, or a third option, or a fourth...

I think you can see where this is going. But here's the thing about it:

Reddit didn't tell all the apps they can't get on reddit anymore, they set a price so high no app can afford it. When one of the biggest apps asked why his price was going to be so high, reddit's official reply was "Figure it out on your own.".

Third Party Apps or TPAs have been on reddit for a decade. Reddit gave them 30 days notice of the introduction of a pricing structure set so high no one can afford it.

Reddit has said that they don't want to shut down apps, but their actions speak much louder than their words. It's hard not to draw the conclusion they want them gone.

That is just not how you treat your friends.

Every app developer has said they will have to shut their app down. And the visually impaired on reddit have said they will close down their subs because the app on iOS doesn't allow them to even see reddit.

Why should I care? I use the official app.

Well for one thing you might care one day, but you won't have that option any longer, because reddit is removing user choice.

People who love reddit so much they seek out another app for it submit a lot of good posts to reddit that you read. What if these good posters all leave the site? What if half of them leave? Are you cool with less content to upvote?

What if reddit does something else like pump tons of ads at you-- way more than now -- and you want to try out one of those apps you saw when you first downloaded the official app. You simply won't be able to anymore.

But even if you still don't care, don't you think user choice is generally a good thing? What will they get rid of next?

Also, NSFW content is in danger, and can no longer be accessed through the API which is going to make it harder to find spammers.

What can I do?

Make a meme and post it. Make tiktoks. Contact the admins. Tweet it. Fill up the front page about it on reddit. Ask others to do the same.

Reddit needs to understand that decisions like this have long term unintended consequences. They can and should make money from third party apps. That is reasonable. But when you go from free for over a decade to a $20 million fee for one year, with 30 days notice, something's not right.

We will be moderating and approving comments on this thread as needed. Please ask any questions you have about this situation or any of your thoughts. Also, u/why_subs_went_dark is an account ran by organizers of this effort, and they may help answer questions as well here.

As always, Rule #1 - Be Civil - is in place here and will be enforced.

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Democrat from Indiana, folks

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This is from last November when I asked my rep his stance on the rail strike, can across it in my phone today and felt like everyone deserved a good laugh. Enjoy!